2014 trend on Halloween costume for women

As a girl who always likes to be up to date with the latest fashion trends we thought you would like to hear about the latest trends regarding Halloween costume for women. We made a list with the most popular costumes at this year’s Halloween party and you can choose the one that fits your preferences.

2014 trend on Halloween costume for women

You can chose to be scary or sexy, a Disney princess or a warrior princess, you can be a witch or a fairy, everything you want. The Halloween night is the one night of the year when you can impersonate a character you love and feel connected with.

Our list with popular Halloween costume for women:

  • Wonder Woman costume – superhero women always have a special place in our hearts which is why the Wonder Woman costume occupies the first place in our top. You will need the red corset, the blue skirt and belt, the cape and the head piece to be a genuine Wonder Woman.
  • Sexy ninja fighter – continuing with the warrior women, a woman ninja fighter would certainly impress your audience. The costume is usually made of a jumpsuit with shoulder guards, a sash (usually red), arm warmers, leg wraps and a face mask.
  • A fairy costume – we’re done with the warrior women and we move on to fantasy. Women love to be fairies or queens during Halloween so a Fairy costume is definitely on our most popular list. There are many variations of this costume but the accessories are always the same: a pair of wings, a wand and a little, cute tiara.
  • Greek Goddess – the Greek mythology is absolutely fascinating and filled with deities we can inspire from. The Greek Goddess costume is always impressive and majestic and that’s why many women prefer to wear it.
  • Be a Gatsby Girl – if you like the glamour of the 1920s than this is the costume for you. Sexy, shiny clothes with oversized accessories like big feathers, long cigars and funny hats are what make this costume an evening sensation
  • Sexy Cavewoman – many women like to feel free and comfortable at the Halloween party and this costume is the best. You get to wear a sexy, short dress (you can add lace to it if you like) and a cute cavewoman wig. That’s it! You don’t even need shoes!

This is our list with the top Halloween costume for women in 2014. We know you have a lot of choices and it’s hard to decide on one costume, but you’ll have to make a decision pretty soon. The magical night is coming closer and closer and you wouldn’t want to be the one without a costume.