24 gorgeous styles that make doing your hair easy

Your hair looks amazing but what if you could make it look even more amazing, and this every single day? You wear the same style for about half a year now and it’s time for a big change so people start noticing you everywhere you go. Your hair can be an amazing representative for you if you just let it. That’s why we are going to talk about 24 super-simple ways to make doing your hair feel like a vacation.

  1. Get amazing curls in just a few minutes with a flat iron. Roll your hair in a spiral and apply heat with for a few seconds and the release. The hair will be elegant and curvy at the tip;make doing your hair easy
  2. Always massage your scalp with shampoo and not with conditioner (conditioner is for hair tips). Massage for about 40 seconds, rinse and repeat if you have oily hair;
  3. Never blow dry your hair with heated air! The heat destroys the tips. Always put your hair dryer on cold and keep it at least 20 cm away from you head;
  4. Avoid brushing your hair while it’s wet. You’ll break many strings like this. Just wait until it starts to dry and then try to put a wide-tooth comb through it;make doing your hair easy -2
  5. When brushing your hair, use a brush with natural bristle like those made from boar hair. They distribute oils throughout your hair and make it softer and shinier;
  6. Apply a deep nourishing mask from time to time so your hair can live happily ever after;
  7. Use a leave-in conditioner at least once a week. It will penetrate better your hair cuticles and it will make it shinier and softer;
  8. Try a spaying detangler after shower. It will make your hair more manageable and lower the risk of breaking the hair while brushing.;
  9. Try not to use styling products too often because they dry your scalp and damage your hair;
  10. Always accessorize! Use clips, barrettes, head bands and anything you think it goes;
  11. When in a rush you can always rely on a casual, messy bun. It’s elegant yet playful;
  12. Always use bobby pins to keep your hair in place. You can use colorful ones to make it look more jolly;make doing your hair easy -1
  13. Sock buns are another way you can get out of the house in under 5 minutes;
  14. Use braids to cover a bad hair day. They are highly popular now;
  15. Always watch your diet for great hair;
  16. Shower water can affect your hair if it has high chlorine content. Use a head shower with a filter;
  17. Focus on the health of your scalp with special shampoo and conditioner;
  18. From time to time try homemade treatments with what you can find in your fridge;
  19. Hydration is very important for a good looking hair so drink your daily portion of water;
  20. Try a keratin treatment for slick looking hair;
  21. Try a long layered bob as your new haircut. It’s very popular for a while now;make doing your hair easy -3
  22. Always keep a cute barrette at hand for mornings with crazy hair;
  23. Use special shampoo if you want your hair to look thicker;
  24. And the last on our 24 super-simple ways to make doing your hair feel great list is try to keep your hands out of your hair.