The benefits green tea brings to your hair

Green tea is the miracle plant of our century as it brings a tremendous amount of health benefits like weight loss, cleaner arteries, younger looking skin, and so on.

In this article we are going to talk about how green tea benefits your hair, another secret that not so many know about this plant.

green tea for hair

Increased hair growth rate

Green tea can stimulate hair follicles making your hair grow faster. Also it may stimulate hair regrowth and you can use it as a treatment against massive hair loss but this was not entirely demonstrated. Still we find green tea extract in many shampoos dedicated to stopping hair loss and stimulate regrowth.

Stronger hair

The best way to make your hair look stronger and manage split ends is to use a shampoo with panthenol. This substance is naturally found in green tea which means that your hair will look healthier and stronger if you introduce tea in your daily diet plan. You can also use it as a mask to apply directly on your hair.

Protection against free radicals

Free radicals can attack your hair too making it fall and lose its color and healthy aspect. A consistent consumption of green tea can help you keep your hair look young and healthy for a long period of time due to a high content of antioxidants that fight the free radicals.

A scalp without dandruff

Green tea can be very effective in treating dandruff because it exfoliates the dry skin formed all over the scalp. You can use green tea to rinse your hair and you can introduce it in your diet, both ways are anti-dandruff effective.

Shiny hair

Certain green tea compounds can help balancing the pH level in order to normalize the oil production. This way, people with oily hair will start to feel an improvement in the oil production and people with dry hair will feel their hair more hydrated and flexible.

Also the green tea is rich in Vitamin C and E which makes your hair shiny and soft like in shampoo commercials and protects it against UV radiations.

In conclusion, how green tea benefits your hair is more a question for people who have never tried a steady consumption of green tea. If you like this beverage and drink it frequently then it’s impossible to not observe how many benefits it brought for you and your health in time.