Beth Chapman Breast Reduction – is this a true story?

Beth Chapman is known to be one of the women that reached size M on a bra. She is a big girl with huge breasts and rumors say she was under a plastic surgeon knife more than once.  She is the wife of a former television star and currently a global celebrity: Dog the Bounty Hunter Chapman, and she became known as an actress and as a producer of her husband’s show.

The Beth Chapman Breast Reduction is a story loved by tabloids and paparazzi as she tried to improve herself several times. She first started with an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) which made her stomach look better. After this procedure she had a flat stomach but her breasts looked even bigger now that she had a smaller waist size.

Beth Chapman Breast Reduction

Just like every Hollywood celebrity who respects themselves, Beth denies any plastic surgery interventions on her body. She claims that she lost all her tummy fat and extra weight naturally, following a healthy diet, exercising and changing her life style completely. Even though it’s not unheard of people losing a lot of weight she most probably didn’t. Everything happened too sudden; she just appeared at the beach with a brand new stomach and paparazzi even managed to get shots of the abdominoplasty scar she was trying to hide.

After her stomach, Beth did her enormous boobs. She reduced them to be in proportion with her new waist size as they looked even bigger after the stomach procedure. Even though it might be hard to notice, the Beth Chapman Breast Reduction is a true rumor. Her new bra size is now 42D and she is extremely proud of it.

Even though she is a big girl, the Hollywood recognizes her and she managed to become known and loved by many people around the world. Beth is an inspiration for women all over the world and the living proof that you don’t need to be a super model in order to succeed in the TV show business. Yeah, she might have huge breasts but her talent, intelligence and personal charisma made her who she is today.

Many people wonder why celebrities would want to reduce their breast size, when many other women out there want big implants. Natural or fake, big breasts are usually a burden after a certain age. They become extra weight that puts pressure on the spine and neck and in time, the woman gets back pains which get worst every year.  Beth might be a big girl but she suffers the same symptoms due to her huge breasts. She did not make a radical change, her breasts still look big and bouncy but her health is a lot better now, that she removed part of the weight.

Even though people see her first as a big girl with huge breasts who tried really hard to look like a regular Hollywood star, Beth Chapman remains a great actress and a very talented woman from which we can learn a lot.