Bulow X450 Kurve Vanilla Fountain Pen review

I am that type of person who grew up using fountain pens and I guess I learned to appreciate the value they bring in your life. First of all a fountain pen is unique. Even if it is part of a series and looks like many others, the nib is never the same from one pen to another. Second of all they resist through years and they become great memories over time. You will always remember your first grade when you’ll see the pen you used for your entire high school.


I know that many people use ball pens these days but they have no history, they are all the same and no one cares if one of them gets lost. That’s why the industry of fountain pens is still standing even today, in the era of new technology and smartphones.

The Bulow X450 Kurve Vanilla Fountain Pen is the embodiment of all that was said above. It is an amazing pen, that writes really well and feels great in your hands and it comes at a very good price. Many people that bought this pen are very happy with their acquisition and they appreciated it as being extremely smooth on paper, polished and very good looking.

The X450 Kurve Vanilla Fountain Pen comes with a converter already built in which should last a couple of years. The pen itself is a bit heavy and it needs a period so your hands get used to it. You can’t write a five page essay with this pen after you just got it. Your hand will get tired pretty soon and if you want to finish the essay you’ll have to take a few breaks.

This pen is made for people who like heavier pens in order to feel the balance. It is a very good fit for stylish men as the nib is gold plated and it really stands out. It is a great bargain because at a very affordable price you get an amazing high quality pen with a very good ink flow.

The only thing users have complained about is that it seems to be less forgiving with certain types of paper and sometimes that it is bigger and heavier than they were expecting. Otherwise it is appreciated as being a valuable writing tool that writes well and behaves well in most of the situations.

It is not recommended on writing official letters or documents but it is amazing when it comes to putting your thoughts on paper. The X450 Kurve Vanilla Fountain Pen is amazing for taking notes and making a good impression with a simple, clean look. This is that type of pen with a special personality who is not a good fit for everyone. It may take a few days to get used to it but once this happens you’ll love it forever and never let it go. I recommend this pen for people who like a strong, well balanced pen with a little bit of personality.