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All you need to know about vegan diet

The vegan diet is the strict version of the vegetarian diet. While the vegetarians don’t eat fish, red meat and any other types of meat those who practice this type of diet won’t eat anything that is considered to be an animal product. For example

Chinese food recipes for vegetarians

Chinese food is largely based on meat like poultry, pork or beef but there is place for vegetarians too. Chinese put a great accent on combining different tastes like sour and sweet into an amazing final taste. Let’s see how we can combine a few amazing

The benefits green tea brings to your hair

Green tea is the miracle plant of our century as it brings a tremendous amount of health benefits like weight loss, cleaner arteries, younger looking skin, and so on. In this article we are going to talk about how green tea benefits your hair, another

Fastest Way to Get Fit

Imagine all the possibilities in front of you when you have a healthy body! You can be energetic, play sports, swim, have sex, go to the places that you dream of, paint and, in not so many words, be awesome. Being healthy is actually pretty