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Top 5 scariest Halloween costume for women

Do you dare to wear the scariest costume at the Halloween party? If you are bold enough for this, we can help you with a few frightening ideas! Beware that this doesn’t mean you’ll be a cute and innocent Disney princess. This actually means that

Which are your favorite horror novels?

A good horror novel can be scarier than the scariest movie you ever saw. Most of the horror movies today were created after horror novels so maybe it’s time to start reading. Here is a list of top ten favorite horror novels that may prove

What are the top 10 scariest movies for you?

Let’s say that you and your friends have decided to make a marathon of scary movies but you can’t decide on which movies to chose. We have a list for you with top 10 scariest movies that you can’t unsee. Attention! These are truly the

Top best Halloween costumes for couples in 2014

Like any big event, the Halloween has its own tops. One of these tops is in reference to the costumes. Every Halloween party has (or should have) a costumes contest where everyone there decides which were the best costumes. Even if this contest is not

What’s your favorite Halloween costume for 2014?

Now that Halloween is nearby have you decided what costume are you going to wear this year? As a woman you must give the trend for your entire family so you should give a quick look for the greatest and coolest Halloween costumes for women.