Children and parents learn how to play with toys


As a parent your first care is to offer your child the best education possible (of course beside a good environment and health). I am sure you know that education starts during the first years of life using games and toys and you as a parent, are responsible of what type of toys your child plays with.

Games and toys for children in the digital world

The digital world offers limitless possibilities when we talk about games, devices, toys and having fun with the little ones. As a fresh parent who lived in a different age it might be a little hard to cope with all the toys industry has to offer now that the new technologies are so accessible and easy to use.

Children are stimulated to learn more about the surrounding environment even when they are at a very fragile age using:

  • musical toys;
  • toys that teach them colors and shapes;
  • toys that they have to put together in order to learn how to recognize shapes and sizes;
  • toys that teach them how to speak correctly using registered phrases or songs;
  • books that actually tell the story;
  • toys that run animated figures children love from cartoons;
  • toys that teach them how to socialize with other children;

and so on.

As they grow older they start using devices and find out about electronic games on computers, smartphones and tablets and discover the fascinating world of online games. Parents need to know how to introduce their kids to this huge wave of information so they don’t feel overwhelmed. Step by step parents and children will discover and learn together the amazing world of toys.

Age appropriate toys

Toys and games need to be age appropriate. For example, a one year old will play with a tablet but it will not understand its scope and functionalities and it will get bored of it. In comparison, a teenager will not let go of his / her phone or tablet for anything in the world.

Each age is special for both parents and children and your little ones assimilate information in different ways at different ages. That’s why when they are very young they need to have toys that teach them how to play, talk and socialize. As they grow and learn new things the toys they like will change.

All you need to know as a parent is that children learn through playing and toys are there to develop their imagination, creativity, learning abilities and more. Toys need to be age appropriate in order to do their job and you little ones to be happy.