How to choose the best softball bat?

If you love playing softball, you understand how absolutely important is to have one of the best softball bats you can have. The bat is the extent of your body and needs to feel natural in your hands when you’re on the field. It must be compatible with your height and swing and it must fit just right when you’re holding it.

As a player you will change many bats until you will stop at the right one but it is very important to never stop looking. Greatest softball players of all times shined only after they found the bat that fit their needs the best. Just like you are a unique individual, there is a unique bat out there for you.

We can even make a cute analogy: players that are looking for their best softball bats are just like men looking for their soulmates in the big wide world.


Types of softball bats

The type of the bat is determined by the material it’s made of and the best softball bats of 2014 are made from two materials: composite and aluminum. The type you choose is entirely up to you because no one can say, with strong arguments, that one is better than the other.

Aluminum bats are usually single-walled (of course that there are aluminum double-walled bats too) and, as the name says, are made of aluminum or aluminum alloy. Also they have a thicker padding on the grip to protect the player’s hands. Players who prefer this type of bats consider them to be faster and to maximize the trampoline effect. They are also easier to swing and the weight distribution is more even making the batter feel more in control.

Aluminum bats are usually used to train younger players because they are easier to manipulate and use. They also have more sweet spots but they are not as durable as composite bats.

Double-walled aluminum bats are stronger and more durable as the ball rebounds with more authority off the bat

Composite bats are usually made from a mixture of carbon fiber and graphite and some of them even have an aluminum core inside the graphite. These materials offer better elastic properties which help in vibration reduction and reducing the stinging sensation players experience when the ball doesn’t hit the sweet spot.

A composite bat can also help you obtain a better trampoline effect.

Most bats created for performance players are made of composite material because the materials used in composition offer more control on the bat’s properties. Composite bats have a flexible handle, a larger sweet spot and a larger barrel which makes them better to use in a more serious competition. Producers always try to add a better grip in order to make the bat feel more natural in the player’s hands and thus offer more confidence on the field.

Regardless which type you choose, you must know that your bat is one of the best softball bats for you.

Advantages of using the right bat

  • The bat is your body extension. When you’re in the field, following the ball, your bat becomes part of your body. The right bat won’t feel different in your hands, it will feel just right.
  • You want to be a star some day. You don’t need the best softball bats in the world to become a star. You need the right bat for you. If you found it then you are on the right track.
  • You care about your fans and you want to show them how good you are with the swings. The bat decides if your swing ends gloriously hitting the ball or just goes right by it.

How to choose the best bat out of the best softball bats

When choosing for the best softball bat you also have to respect performance regulations set by the US Specialty Softball Association. These regulations require the following:

  • A bat must be no longer than 34 inches and no heavier than 31oz.
  • The bat grip can be maximum 10 inches long.
  • The bat material can be wooden, metal, composite materials or aluminum.
  • The bat can have a performance factor of 1.20 or less.

Now that we went pass the regulations, the right softball bat must feel right; with a big accent on feel. When you grasp that bat in your hands you have to know that this is the right one for you. If it feels too heavy or off balance then it’s too long. You can have the best softball bats in the world; if none of them fits you then you have no bat. The rule is simple: the bat fits you, you don’t have to fit the bat.

When you choose the right bat, make sure that it is ASA approved otherwise you won’t be able to use it. All approved bats have a certified stamp on the barrel. There is also a list of banned bats so make sure you don’t buy one of those.

Who needs a softball bat?

The simple and obvious answer would be: a softball player. The passion for softball usually starts from when you are a kid.  You want to feel that thrill waiting for the ball to hit your bat exactly where it has to so you can send if off the face of the Earth. You want to make that perfect hit and you like the sound the ball makes when it hits the bat. These are the first moments when you realize you are passionate and you want to play.

As a parent this is both a moment of pride and joy and one of worry. Bats these days are pretty expensive but where there’s passion, there’s always a way. Still, there are many types of bats out there and they all vary in size, material and price. As a parent with children into softball, you’ll start feeling the price difference when they reach the 12U.  For kids playing recreational softball the prices are affordable and it really doesn’t matter the type of bat your kid uses, just to be the right fit.

Everything changes when your child advances and he or she will need a certain type of bat, from a certain material. Most leagues prefer composite bats over the aluminum ones. They consider composite bats to be best because they allow players to hit the ball harder and farther and offer a greater pop and greater durability.

In conclusion, the perfect client for the best softball bat is a passionate softball player or aspiring player.

  Reviews of the best 5 softball bats

DeMarini 2014 CF6 WTDXCFS Fastpitch Softball Bat

The DeMarini CF6 is one of the best softball bats on the market for little ones right now. The bat has a Paradox Composite handle and barrel which helps boosting the hit. This bat will be perfect for your little athletes back home who just discovered how fun it is to hit the ball with a stick.

You know that your kid would love such an amazing gift and that they will be thankful forever. Just imagine his or her little face lighting up as you get this beauty out to the light. They will be absolutely ecstatic!

Most kids I know use average bats for practice and for the game. Wouldn’t be amazing for your child to be able to play with a real bat during the games and show what’s capable of? This bat is net superior to any average bat they have been using up to now. It will also help to improve your child’s batting average and field confidence. You feel more confident knowing that your bat can do some of the work in the hit.

With a perfectly balanced weight, many users find it to be light and capable of great swings. This may be the bat that will take your child to the highest peaks of glory and, who knows, maybe even into professional softball playing.

Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat

This bat is specially designed for power hitters. Made of premium materials, it is durable and fitted for high performance games. You don’t need to put all your power into the swing as the bat does a lot of the hard work. It will add distance to your hits but it feels a bit heavy for the start but it will adapt in your hands.

This is not a bat for beginners; it’s a bat for player looking to make performance. It won’t forgive you if your swing is wrong like other bats do as the sweet spot is really small.

If you’ve been playing for a while and you feel the need for a challenge, this is the best softball bat for you. Some bats need some time to adjust to their owner and you need some time to feel their weight and balance but this one goes from the wrapper right into the game. It will challenge you to make your swing just right in order to hit the ball like a pro does. You may need some time to adjust to its small sweet spot but you’ll feel amazing when you’ll get it right.

This is one of the best softball bats that you could purchase at an affordable price in your way to professional softball. If you dream at being a star, this bat is the first step to eternal glory.

DeMarini 2014 Bustos WTDXBFP Fastpitch Softball Bat

Softball is the game where you won’t get on top without the right stick. The Fastpitch Bustos from DeMarini is one of the best softball bats you could choose for this mission. The bat meets the 1.20 performance factor regulation and is approved for play by ASA.

The Fastpitch Bustos main features are:

  • Fiber Reinforced Composite handles
  • Handle and barrel are perfectly matched to create the best launching energy when the bat hits the ball
  • The grip is built for ultimate comfort when holding the bat
  • Perfect balance
  • Fracture toughness for long lasting performance

According to users’ reviews this is a great 8U as and 10U softball bat. Many users have also confirmed that it almost eliminates the sting when the bat hits the ball thus offering more confidence to the player.

It’s a great bat if your kid shows promising talent for softball and it could help him or her boost the game quality. They don’t even need to put that much power in the swing as the bat does most of the power hit.

Louisville Slugger 2014 Xeno FPXN14 Softball Bat

This is another top of the line bat for children who love playing softball in their free time. The length to weight ratio is a 10 and the barrel diameter is 2-1/4”. Given the fact that this is a bat for children, it has thinner walls and it is lighter but it provides a bigger pop.

The bat is approved for play in ASA, USSSA, ISA, ISF and NSA.

Users that have tried the new Xeno bat absolutely love it in their kids’ hands. They praise in its durability and amazing pop and apparently it’s their best favorite in all the best softball bats.

Your child would be more than lucky to get such a bat at this age. It will help him or her realize how extraordinarily beautiful softball is and how the right bat can change your game play in better.

Miken Psycho ASA Composite Slowpitch One Piece Maxload Softball Bat   

The bat offers a large sweet spot, maximum durability and performance for the right player. Professional players are happy with the way this bat behaves during the swing and the hit. The swing is perfect and the hit is hard. It is also very durable and it will look like new even at over 500 hits.

This is the bat for the player looking for more power, endurance and confidence in his game. It is the bat that will take you to new peaks of softball and it will impress all your team mates. Everyone will want to swing it!

If professional players say that you won’t be disappointed then you most definitely won’t be.