Choose the tanks you need carefully

In industry and in your own household you need to know exactly what you need and what you need that thing for. Let’s say that the molasses plant you are running needs new tanks or let’s say that you are trying to start a molasses plant. What types of tanks do you chose for your establishment?

First of all you’ll need molasses tanks to store the molasses until it is ready to be sent for packaging. Molasses (the end result) is thick and puts a lot of pressure on a tank’s walls so you’ll need molasses tanks specially designed to withhold such force inside. They need to have thick walls (the thicker, the better) and preferably be built in one piece in order to avoid any week points that could be exploited by the increased pressure.

In the process of making the molasses you’ll need large quantities of water which also need to be stored in some sort of tank. For water you want to choose a poly tank as water is easier to work with. It doesn’t put so much pressure on the walls and that’s why you can use easier tanks with thinner walls that can be easier move around.

A poly tank is perfect for withholding high quality water that can be later added in the molasses mix. They come in all shapes, sizes and orientations and it’s up to you to choose the ones that better fit your equipments, transportation and storing needs at the plant.