Did you know about the Christina Ricci Breast Reduction?

Apparently the actress we love and admire decided to go against the Hollywood current and took a boob job in order to decrease their size. That’s right, the Christina Ricci Breast Reduction rumors are true! The star took this decision in order to keep her young and innocent look that we got used with, watching her in The Adams Family or Sleepy Hollow. She decided that her breasts are too big and make her look more mature than she would want to, and took the step with courage.


It might seem hard to believe that a fabulous, beautiful actress didn’t take the conventional female celebrity road: breast enhancement, but it seems that the days when women wanted breasts like Pamela Anderson are long gone. Still, Christina Ricci doesn’t want to confirm that she got under the knife of a plastic surgeon even though her latest pictures show a very noticeable difference in the bust area. It seems that stars don’t like to comment on their “improvements”.

In order to better understand what she went through you should know that a breast reduction surgery is realized by removing the fatty tissue and excess skin. The final touch is nipples repositioning so the breasts look normal. At the end of the surgery the surgeon has to make sure that both breasts have the same size, as there were cases of one breast being smaller than the other. Of course there are scars (a good surgeon should know how to hide them) and other possible side effects but everything seems to have worked just fine during her surgery. She now has a lovely pair of small, teenager like breasts.

There are other rumors out there involving her nose but those are harder to verify than by looking at the ladies. The new pictures show her breast area to be much smaller than it used to be so there is no mystery there.  Apparently these two interventions are the only ones the actress has made on herself but she is still young and she may decide to improve even more. Many actresses went through this phase when they reached 30 years old. They started small, with a nose job or a boob job and continued in the hope that they’ll keep their young looks.


Christina Ricci is a very beautiful woman with a very nice natural look which has allowed her to play various roles (some extremely odd) and made us love her. Of course that we are not talking just about her looks here, she also has a ton of talent and she worked really hard to be who she is today but we’ll always remember her as the sweet and odd Wednesday Adams.

We should all learn from the Christina Ricci Breast Reduction story that Hollywood doesn’t always asks for improvements but many actors and actresses feel the need to do so. The movie industry is extremely demanding and being a celebrity means sacrificing parts of yourself to the public; even if this sacrifice means a breast reduction or a nose job after you reach 30.