Difference between molasses tank and rainwater tanks in Australia

I am sure that most of you have heard of molasses and even used this syrupy liquid to sweeten tour drinks. Well this liquid is usually produced in a plant from sugar canes where it is mixed with all sorts of ingredients and water. After the manufacturing process is done, the molasses is stored in a molasses tank until it is ready to be shipped away to a packaging plant where it comes out in jars and is shipped to stores worldwide.

A molasses tank is like a huge jar with really thick walls so it can withhold the molasses in. Because it is really thick, the molasses puts an enormous amount of pressure on the tank walls and if the tank is not strong enough it can fail. Molasses puts on even more pressure than water does: 1 litre of molasses usually puts on a pressure of 1.4 kg.

The water that is used to make the molasses is usually stored in rainwater tanks in Australia. Here people don’t like to waste any water and they consider the rainwater as being free pretty easy to store. All you need is to install a rainwater tank and wait for the rain to come. Rainwater tanks in Australia come with various filtering systems in order to keep the rainwater clean and good for drinking. It may seem weird that people drink rainwater but Australia is a big desert and the water is extremely valuable here. Also they clean the water and store it carefully in order to keep all its high qualities.