Foods that you should serve at your Halloween party

Halloween is really close and you have to get ready for your party. What foods are you going to serve? Remember that you have to scare your friends with some very scary food. If you feel your creativity level is low we have a list of 10 scariest foods that shouldn’t miss from your table on Halloween.

10 Scariest Foods

  1. Scary marshmallows – you can decorate your marshmallows as scary as possible. You can make ghosts, zombies, mummies, even green little monsters. Just give it a try and you’ll see you like the result.
  2. Get a Halloween cookie cutter and use it to make small scary sandwiches. They will look amazingly scary and everyone will love them.
  3. Martinis with blood on the rim. Decorate your glasses with red food coloring and let everyone think that they are drinking bloody Martini.
  4. Terrifying tarantulas – there is nothing more terrifying than seeing a spider on the wall. How terrifying it would be to see a huge tarantula on your plate? Well it’s not really a tarantula, it’s a piece of food created with care and love by you.
  5. Peanut butter eyeballs – Make them as terrifying as you can with red coloring food.
  6. Make a graveyard taco deep for your friends who are into scary movies with awaking deaths
  7. Put an eyeball in the punch and scare everyone! Don’t use a real eyeball though. Make one from foods that go well together.
  8. A bloody punch that looks almost real – use red flavored gelatin in a carbonated drink and you’ll get right effect
  9. Chicken fingers made from bacon rolled around a cheese stick. Don’t forget to add a nail to the tip to make it more believable.
  10. And the attraction of the evening: a chocolate spider cake. You can have it ordered if you don’t feel so talented.

If you put these foods on the table for your Halloween party you can make sure that all your friends will be impressed (even those who are such big fans of scary foods). Your party will be the best one hey ever attended and they’ll come again next year to see what else you can make to scare them. Now just because we made this list, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative. You can make another list of 10 scariest foods to use for next year.

Also, don’t forget to decorate your house and your front yard. Otherwise it’s not going to be as funny. There are spider webs you can buy and put them all over the place, big carved pumpkins and of course red, scary eye that look at you from the bushes. Try not to overdo it though. You have to know when to stop with the decorations.

Also don’t forget about the trick or treat. Be prepared with candy because a house as beautifully decorated as yours is will attract a lot of visitors. Happy Halloween and don’t forget to make everyone feel terrified for the entire night.