Go trick or treat as a couple – Halloween costumes for couples

The Halloween Holiday is a holiday of the death that in time shifted and became a celebration with candy, fun costumes and a lot of fun. But still, why the costumes? Well, it is believed that in the old times there were persons dressed funny that went from door to door offering prayers for the death in exchange of treats.

Halloween costumes for couples3

There are many Halloween customs and traditions and many people say that this is the night when witches and evil souls come to life to finish their businesses. Anyways, leaving the creepy aside, the Halloween became a celebration of life, family and friends and of having as much fun as possible. We know that you already chose your Halloween decorations for the house and the garden but have you chosen the ones that you are going to wear? You know how is your family going to go trick or treat?

If not, we have a few amazing ideas that may come in handy. Anyways you should hurry to pick up a costume, because the Halloween is getting closer!

Halloween costumes for couples 

  • Police man and police woman –it’s a classic costume that can’t go wrong even at the most select Halloween party. You should be the sexy police woman that comes with her partner to inspect the party
  • Police woman and thief – is a variation of our first idea. If you don’t want him wondering around looking for hot nurses to question you can dress him as a thief and as an accessory add a pair of handcuffs.
  • Cute Bavarian couple – you both love beer so why not? Dress like a hot Bavarian girl with pony tails and a short, fluffy skirt. He is going to look delicious standing near you with a beer in his hand.
  • 1960s hippies – big afro, head bandana, flared pants, fringes on tops, hippie glasses – everything you need to bring back the flower power.
  • If your partner is more of a caveman than you already have the idea: Caveman and his woman. Get dressed up and admire his muscles in the new leopard outfit. You have to match his outfit so your cavewoman dress also has to be leopard. You can tell everyone that he caught the leopards!
  • Peg and Al Bundy if you saw them as a child you know that there is no better Halloween costume you can choose as a couple. They are the very definition of a couple who knows how to have fun!

 Dressing up as a famous couple can be a really fun activity to do together as a couple or a family.