How to be healthier with the apple cider vinegar diet

The apple cider vinegar diet is famous among celebrities and normal people as well for its many health benefits. Actually the diet was practiced since old times and it was absolutely loved by Egyptians who consider it to be perfect for body cleansing.

apple cider vinegar diet 1

The apple cider vinegar diet is perfect for detoxification but through the process of eliminating toxins it also helps the human body to lose fat. This way you have two amazing results following one simple diet

The apple cider vinegar diet has many benefits:

  • it helps us feel more energetic;
  • our heath improves;
  • improves our overall well being;
  • it leaves our skin supple and glowing;
  • it helps us lose weight;
  • it cleans our body of toxins;
  • helps boost our metabolism rate.

How to follow the apple cider vinegar diet?

The process is simple. First of all you need to buy a bottle of organic, unpasteurized and unfiltered apple cider vinegar from your local naturist store. After step 1 is complete, mix 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to one cup of warm water. If you don’t like the taste you can add a spoon of honey.

apple cider vinegar diet 2

Drink this mix before every meal and first thing when you wake up in the morning. Also this mix should be the last thing you drink in the evening when you go to bed. The mix will also help you eat less because it creates a sensation of fullness immediately after drinking it.

How long do I need to follow the apple cider vinegar diet?

If you are consistent in drinking the mix daily, at least twice a day, you should see results in about a few weeks. You’ll feel more energetic, healthy and full of life and even your body will start to change. You will start losing body fat and your digestion system will improve. Vinegar is an acid and another benefit of this diet is that fatty foods will get decomposed faster which means the fat will not be stored anymore.