Help your child develop through play with the right toys

A very wise person said that the best way of learning is through playing. Children learn everything they need to know by experimenting and playing even since they are a few days old. That’s way the first years in a child’s life are extremely important and the way the parents react and behave can influence him or her later in life. Parents have to know how to encourage that natural sense of wonder and how to choose the best educational toys for their children.

educational toys

If you know how play helps your child’s development and a few of the right toys (they don’t need mountains of toys) you can help your little one become an accomplished individual.

How to choose the best educational toy?

This may seem hard at the beginning because it is an enormous variety of toys out there. Each producer will praise their own toys and you know that marketing can be misleading sometimes. So which toys do you chose for your child?

First of all a toy needs to be chosen according to age.

  • Best educational toys for toddlers – it is best to chose toys that make sounds, play colors and can wake your toddler’s interest to explore. He or she are at the very stages of development and learn to recognize shapes, sounds and colors so an advanced toy will be useless for now.
  • Best educational toys for two years old – this is an amazing age when they learn how to talk and walk, and when they discover new things every day. Life is a total adventure for them at this age and you should concentrate on toys that tell stories, toys that sing and challenge them to sing and toys that challenge them to think. You should give them blocks (for constructions), shapes that fit inside other shapes, puzzles (age appropriate of course), sets of toys so they learn each object’s functionalities and so on.
  • Best educational toys for three – four years old – from this age games and toys become more complex and try to challenge and develop more sophisticated functions and abilities in your little ones. Let’s take Play-Doh as an example: the soft, squishy stuff that will amaze your child to the maximum. There is no limit to what your kid might create with it and you can help with creating an imaginary world. Play-Doh is very appreciated by child development specialist as it develops imagination and uses fine motor skills.

With the hope that we shed some light in the world of educational toys, it’s time to go and play with your little angel!