How to choose the tank you need in Australia

Being an arid region, people in Australia can never have enough sources of water. Here, harvesting rainwater has become a business and a necessity and that’s why rainwater tanks in Australia are the number one sales of the industry.

Rainwater tanks in Australia must be reliable and safely store and maintain high quality for the drinking water they contain. They must be fire proof as due to the increased temperature, a bushfire can start any time and the water could be lost in a matter of seconds.

The water collected this way can be used in many activities: it can be used as water for your house, or for drinking, in agriculture at watering crops and finally it can be used in industry at let’s say making molasses (there are several big molasses plants in Australia).

For storing this thick liquid they need a molasses tank which is more like a rainwater tank but with thicker walls in order to be able to withhold the increased pressure given the fact that 1 litre of molasses is the equivalent of 1.4 kg. A molasses tank needs to be easy to transport (molasses is sold worldwide as a natural sweetener) and built in one piece so it doesn’t have any week points which could fail under the pressure.

The main difference between molasses tanks and water tanks is the thickness of the walls. Water is a fluid liquid and doesn’t put so much pressure on a tank wall while molasses is thick and needs to be contained inside thick walls without any faults in the construction.