How to spot the best dog walkers in Chicago

We all want what’s best for our four legged friends and selecting a dog walker has become a very thorough process. It’s like selecting a nanny for your toddler. At the end of the day, they are part of our family and we have to trust the people we assign to take care of our furry friends.

best dog walkers

The first and absolute factor you have to consider when interviewing a dog walker should be the dog’s reaction when they first meet. Dogs can feel a person and if they are agitated and show signs of fear or anger when meeting the future dog walker then you should go straight to the next candidate.

Observe this first meeting with care because this way you’ll find out everything you need to know. A person who loves dogs and knows how to be around them will let the dog approach them, sniff their hands and show that there is no threat.  People usually talk with dogs they love (or like) with the same voice they use when talking to a baby.

If the person you want to hire passes the first test then you should ask questions about experience in such a position or if they ever took care of a dog by themselves. If they grew up with a dog in the family then you should trust that your baby is going to be very happy with the new person in charge of his or her well being.

Experience in a similar job is also very important and you should ask for a letter of recommendation from a former employer. There are many unexpected situations that may appear when taking care of a dog and a person with experience knows how to solve them quickly and effective.

Now for the big question for people who live in Chicago, how to spot the best dog walkers in Chicago? Maybe you are a busy person who doesn’t have time to meet and interview all sorts of people and that’s why we are going to present you a few agencies. A good agency will send someone who is trained and experienced in working with dogs based on your description. All you’ll have to do is just test if your dog likes the person sent by the agency.

One of the best dog walkers service in Chicago is called Dogs Deserve It and you can find them on 1341 W Fullerton Avenue. They provide two types of services: dog walking and pet sitting and it seems that their clients are extremely happy with their work. One lady even said that she would trust the walker to take care of her fury friend more than she would trust her own family. This shows that they love to work with dogs and take care of them.  They have an amazing tracking system so you can see where your dog is or has been and they’ll answer any question related to health care, food or grooming. They are number one on our list.

Second place on the best dog walkers in Chicago list is Out-U-Go!. They serve Chicago and the surrounding area so you can call them even if you don’t live in the city. They respond quickly and even take care of emergencies. Let’s say that you have to go away for a few days and there is no one to take care of your friend. You call Out-U-Go! and ask for either a sitter or a walker and they will answer as fast as possible. Many people are really happy with this agency and recommend it.

Chicago Pet Sitters is another amazing agency you can call when in need of someone to take care of your baby at home. According to their reviews, people love them and consider them to be amongst one of the best dog walkers in Chicago and surrounding area. They answer fast and are always there when you need them. For example if you send an e-mail at 3pm for a 5pm walk they’ll be there. Due to the fact that they are reliable and the fact that they answer fast, they are number three on our list.

Windy City Paws can be found on 1437 W Belmont Avenue. Even if you are that type of mom who loves to constantly know what’s happening with her babies and have everything under control you’ll love them. They are very transparent with their work and all their employees are professionals and that’s why they are number four.

Number five on the list is Rover-Time Dog Walking & Pet Sitting on 3047 W Leland Avenue. They are quick and effective when answering e-mails and their personnel is amazing with dogs. They get attached to the dogs they take care of and always try to keep them happy and energetic.

I think you’re going to be happy with either of these agencies. You just have to choose the one that fists you and your furry friend the best. If you live in Chicago and you want your dog to be energetic, happy and well taken care of then you should think about choosing from the top five dog walkers and pet sitting agencies.