Ideas for Halloween costumes for couples or groups

You want to go trick or treat with the kids but you don’t know what to wear? Or have you been invited to a party, and again, you don’t know what costume to choose? No problem! We made a small list with a few Halloween costumes for couples that can include children too. Just think how funny it would be to go as Wilma, Fred and the kids. All of you have costumes and you are still part of the same family.

We also know that parties are way more fun when they are celebrated with friends and what is funnier than using a group costume? They are just like Halloween costumes for couples but for more people. One very good example would be the gang from Scooby Doo.

Ideas for Halloween costumes for couples

We have a lot of idea for Halloween costumes but for this article we selected just the most popular ones.

  • The Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf is an amazing idea for a couple costumes. If you like the idea you should run to the store and buy the costumes because these are very hard to make by yourself (especially the wolf costume).
  • Princess Peach and Mario is a costume for gamers. Or for those who want to relive their childhood’s best memories. Princess Peach and Mario will be one of the attractions of the night.
  • Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hater is a costume fitted for a crazy couple who loves to be the center of attention. Your costumes may cost a little more money but everything will look great and the people will admire you. Maybe you’ll even earn the “best costume” prize
  • The Incredibles is a great costume if you have children. You will be the Incredibles family for one night and we think that the children will love it.
  • Belle and the Beast is for young couples who are still very romantic with each other and want to show the world their love. The sensible but intelligent Belle will definitely makes sensation near her big, mighty beast
  • Angel and Devil is a classic Halloween costume for couples and it can’t miss from this party. You can decide together who should be the angel and who the devil.
  • You can always let your imagination fly and impersonate characters from your favorite movies like from Harry Potter. You can make a group costume from this or even an entire theme party.   
  • Princess Leia and Darth Vader is a good idea for Star Wars fans. It’s a great costume for couples and people will appreciate such an inspired choice.