Jinhao X450 Fountain Pen review

I have a passion for amazing fountain pens and the Jinhao X450 Fountain Pen fits perfectly in my collection. It is a remarkable writing tool and small piece of jewelry at the same time. You can actually see the care that the Chinese manufacturer put in designing this series with fine artistic elements that blend the splendid traditional culture of China. The nib is exquisite in particular, covered with wonderful ornamentation and gold colored accents. It might seem a bit big as it is the nearly the size of a thumb nail but it behaves amazing on paper.

Jinhao X450 Fountain Pen

Thanks to an original design, top materials and exquisite craftsmanship, this fountain pen stands for an excellent quality. It can be a valuable item in any collection as it brings an entire country’s history with it. Even though it is not part of any luxury series and the price quality report is really good this pen is amazingly constructed! Most people that have bought a pen from this series have appreciated it as being a pen worth dozens of times its value with a very butter smooth nib.

The size may be a bit of a problem for people with small hands. The Jinhao X450 is a bit bigger and heavier than any other series this manufacturer produced but it goes extremely well in any hand. Still if you want something light this is not the pen for you.

The Jinhao X450 series has a retro look and it comes in a few color combinations like black, green marble, magic fog, ivory and many more. It was made in so many color variations so anyone could get the color that is more inspiring for them. I like to think that the basic idea for this series design was, if you like the pen you write with you will certainly feel more inspired and more creative”.

The main impression is that it writes well and the nib is firm without giving you the feel that you are scratching the paper when you write. It feels great in your hands and even though it might look a bit fragile it is not at all. You can put a little bit of pressure on the nib, when you write and it will not break. Even more it will leave behind a firm line without interruptions, smudges or stains.

This is an excellent pen for both beginners and long time user. It is beautiful, well balanced and it feeds well without causing any troubles.  Also you can acquire this pen with two types of nibs (actually you will have to buy two different pens if you want both nibs): medium and broad. The medium one writes with thin lines and is a better fit for an artistic spirit who likes to paint while writing. The broad nib is a bit bigger and writes more firmly, with strong lines. I consider it to be a better fit for “in the moment” people who are always in a hurry. Regardless the nib, this is an amazing pen and I recommend you buy it.