Let your child imagination fly with artistic activities

Children learn the things they need to live and manage by themselves in this big wide world in their first years of life. The amount of information they store and process since they are a few days old is amazing and their brain is hungry for information and things to learn. That’s why it is indicated that parents to participate actively in their early education and teach them all interesting stuff through play and toys.

During their first years of life children develop their artistic sense and their creativity abilities which will be extremely useful in the future.


How to develop my child’s creativity?

Many parents think this to be more a job for a specialist than something fun they can do with their child. Each person is unique and responds different to various stimuli but there are craft activities that are known to be very efficient in developing the creation process. We are going to discuss shortly about a few activities you can do with your little one (or ones) in order to help their creativity.

Art and craft activities for toddlers

Scented Play Dough is always an amazing way to develop creativity and it is a fun activity for the little ones as for the big ones.  This activity is in absolute need of an adult supervisor as the little ones tend to eat the Play Dough.

Hand prints – let your kid get messy! Buy some non toxic paint (they have some special types for children) and teach him/her to paint with their hands. Of course you have to participate.

Torn paper – you and your kid(s) could make a collage out of torn paper. It doesn’t really need to mean anything, it has to colorful though.

Drawing on walls – children are attracted to walls like moth to a flame. They love to paint them and you shouldn’t stop them. Even more, you should join them. This way you can teach your kids shapes and colors and you can create amazing memories for the entire family.

Craft activities and art for preschoolers

Kids love to do stuff with their hands! They just discovered they have two little tools they can use for almost anything and they want to see what they can do with them. Let them and encourage them to play with their hands.

You can draw together and create things out of paper or Play Dough, you can teach your kids how to draw trees and houses or how to make Christmas ornaments. They will be absolutely thrilled to do stuff and when they see their work appreciated they’ll get even more excited to learn.