All you need to know about vegan diet

The vegan diet is the strict version of the vegetarian diet. While the vegetarians don’t eat fish, red meat and any other types of meat those who practice this type of diet won’t eat anything that is considered to be an animal product. For example they don’t eat eggs or dairy because they consider these products as having animal fats.

vegan diet

The vegan diet should be your choice and if you decide to follow through you have to get informed. You need to know what exactly it means to be vegan. You will be basically eating plants, fruits, cereals, nuts and products made of plants. All your minerals and vitamins must come from a balanced and diversified vegan diet.

What do you eat as a vegan?

You might think that vegan diet is simple and doesn’t have too many types of foods to attract people with but here you will be wrong. Even if it’s totally based on vegetal products it doesn’t mean that it’s also boring.

vegan diet 1

A healthy diet includes:

  • a lot of fruits and vegetables
  • starchy foods like potatoes, bread, cereals, pasta
  • proteins that don’t come from an animal source like beans and pulses
  • soya drinks as a replacement for dairy drinks
  • a small amount of fatty and sugary foods
  • Usually our body takes all the necessary nutrients from proteins and complex carbs that it finds in animal products. With these out of the way you have to plan your diet very carefully in order to keep your organism functioning to the optimum levels. Without planning you could develop important nutrients deficiencies like essential nutrients (calcium iron and B12)

The passage from a diversified diet that includes all types of nutrients to a vegan diet must be done slow, during a few months. You have to test how your organism reacts to missing certain food groups and if it allows you to make this change.