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Writing jobs online scams

Life as a freelancer is not just freedom and working from home, as many imagine. You are more exposed to online scams and nasty clients who look for cheap work and ask you to deliver high quality with tight deadlines. It’s a tough job for

Top 10 best android games in 2014

We all love to play games but when you want to download a good game from android store you might get lost. Just to make an idea, there are thousands of games uploaded weekly on the platform and the “Top” categories don’t really help. That’s

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Hepatitis C can cause rheumatic diseases

Hepatitis C virus or HCV is usually the main cause of liver inflammation which can lead to liver failure and liver transplant. Still HCV doesn’t produce just liver inflammation it is also associated with hematologic, renal, dermatologic, rheumatic, and autoimmune disorders. Some of the earliest

How to choose the tank you need in Australia

Being an arid region, people in Australia can never have enough sources of water. Here, harvesting rainwater has become a business and a necessity and that’s why rainwater tanks in Australia are the number one sales of the industry. Rainwater tanks in Australia must be