Research Explains Human Biting Mechanism

Anders Johansson, a doctoral student at the Department of Integrative Medical Biology from Umeå University in Sweden has brought us into attention his thesis: how do we control our biting power and shape. The research is rather delicious as he studied how we can control

You know what your kids will do during holiday?

Holiday is the most expected period during a school year. Children start school thinking of how many weeks there are until the next holiday and they get more and more excited about what they’ll do during holiday with each day. Still as parents, you have

X-rays pediatric radiation performed responsively

The Image Gently campaign was designed for both dentists and parents as it tries to raise awareness regarding imaging. Most parents know that children need smaller portions in everything. They need to be treated with greater care and more attention in order to develop naturally.

15 best apps for android in 2014

Have you ever tried to find a good app for something and just felt lost in the Google Play store? There are just too many of them in there and you have no idea what to choose. You just wanted a calendar (for example) but

Which are your favorite horror novels?

A good horror novel can be scarier than the scariest movie you ever saw. Most of the horror movies today were created after horror novels so maybe it’s time to start reading. Here is a list of top ten favorite horror novels that may prove

What are the top 10 scariest movies for you?

Let’s say that you and your friends have decided to make a marathon of scary movies but you can’t decide on which movies to chose. We have a list for you with top 10 scariest movies that you can’t unsee. Attention! These are truly the