Parker Frontier Fountain Pen review

This pen is amazing for a person who uses a fountain pen all day long. It is light and good looking, with a brushed stainless steel, rounded end and simple cap. The price is completely affordable so you won’t feel too sorry if you forget

What’s your favorite Halloween costume for 2014?

Now that Halloween is nearby have you decided what costume are you going to wear this year? As a woman you must give the trend for your entire family so you should give a quick look for the greatest and coolest Halloween costumes for women.

2014 trend on Halloween costume for women

As a girl who always likes to be up to date with the latest fashion trends we thought you would like to hear about the latest trends regarding Halloween costume for women. We made a list with the most popular costumes at this year’s Halloween

Smoke photography in simple steps

I’ve been asked a few times how did I managed to shoot some of my smoke images. The technique is pretty simple but requires some basic elements and materials. First of all, here’s what you need: a camera (DSLR preferably) a flash canon wireless kit

Keywords density

The opinion on this subject are very different, some say that the perfect amount is about 3%, some say that even 10% is good and others believe that an amount of 2% is the optimum quantity for keyword density. If you take a look at