Parker Frontier Fountain Pen review

This pen is amazing for a person who uses a fountain pen all day long. It is light and good looking, with a brushed stainless steel, rounded end and simple cap. The price is completely affordable so you won’t feel too sorry if you forget it somewhere or someone takes it “accidentally”. Actually you will feel sorry but not for the money you spent acquiring it, for the feel and confidence it offers when you write.

One student told me that he was so impressed with the pen that he had dropped all his ball points and writes only with this pen. It feels so amazing in your hand and the nib is so smooth on paper that you’ll love it from the first use. You can use it to write for hours and your hand won’t get tired and you won’t see any voids in the ink flow.

The Parker Frontier Fountain Pen can be very well offered as a gift. It is very attractive (with a simplistic style) and it fits very well in smaller hands. It will make an amazing memory for your daughter or your son if you offer it as a gift when she or he starts writing. It is very resistant so it will last for years with anyone who receives it as a present.

It is said that fountain pens have a personality of their own and they can have a different behavior on different hands. This pen is very docile and if handled with respect and care will serve its owner (or owners) for a long time without being misbehaved. It may not be a luxurious pen but the nib is smooth, it writes well and it is very presentable for its price.

The Parker Frontier Fountain Pen usually comes with an optional fillable ink cartridge. Some users have complained that the ink cartridge can be a bit stubborn and difficult to insert into the nib end. If you are a beginner with this type of pen it is better to make a practice run with an empty cartridge; this way things won’t get messy. Also it seems that the lid is a bit tighter and it necessitates a bit more effort to get it off but this is not necessarily a bad thing. A tight lid means that the nib is sealed off and there is no air getting inside that could dry out the ink.

In conclusion, the Parker Frontier Fountain Pen is a keeper (if you have it) and if you don’t have it you should try it. It is not expensive and brings a note of freshness and elegance in your life. If you are a person who writes a lot and hates the banal ball points this pen is for you. Also, this pen is a good fit for those who just start writing with a fountain pen (or simply, just start writing). It feels light and comfortable and the nib is smooth and leaves strong, confident lines behind.