Paxum withdrawing

After you verify your account on Paxum (and this is done by uploading required documents) and all your limits have been lifted, you can add an external debit/credit card, if you do not wish to apply for the Paxum MasterCard, which can be only used in a payroll environment, according to Paxum.

If you only wish to withdraw funds from your Paxum Account to that card, you do not need to click on Sign Authorization next to it and start the card confirmation procedure. In this case you can just withdraw the funds to it for a 1% (minimum $6 fee) of the withdrawn amount fee […]

It wasn’t to clear to me either at first, but then I got my answer: for every amount lower than 600$ (up to and including 599$), the fee is 6$ (you withdraw 100$, you get 94$). For amounts higher than 600$ (starting with and including 600$) you will pay 1% (you withdraw 750$, you get 742.5$). Now, this seems pretty steep but the Paxum fee is fixed for amounts under 600$. It’s too bad that you can’t buy goods from the Internet using Paxum as you use Paypal, but if you want, you can request Paxum MasterCard, it ships to your door and you get the money instant into your account.

Don’t forget, when you withdraw, the amount must be -6, otherwise it will appear that you don’t have sufficient funds.