Simple appliance repair techniques that will save you money and time

Every time when an appliance breaks you have to call someone to evaluate the damage and to make the repair. It sounds simple but appliance repair can be a very exhausting process because it disrupts your day to day life.


The time you spend waiting for the handyman, then the time you need to show him the problem and assess the damage is time you could invest in other activities more interesting and fun like playing with your children or running your errands.

Also, calling a professional means a new bill added to your monthly expenses. We know a few techniques that could save you time and money in case of minor appliances damage.

Simple techniques to try before calling the handyman

Many appliance repair calls are actually a no-brainer and can be resolved by pushing a button or just flipping a circuit breaker.

  • Let’s say that your stove won’t come on. Before picking up the phone to call for help, check to see if there is no food or sauce or anything like this inside the igniter, blocking it. If this is the case, take a tooth brush and clean everything up. Make sure that everything is clean and dry and then try again. If the stove comes on then, you just saved your time and money with something as simple as a toothbrush!
  • Another appliance that constantly breaks or gets blocked is the garbage disposer. Actually all disposers have an overload feature that cuts the energy in cases of overload. You will be able to see if this is the case by checking if the motor is hot. If so, wait for a few minutes until the motor cools down and then press the reset button. It should start tight up.
  • One of the problems most reported in appliance repair calls is the light problem. When the light goes out it’s a small moment of panic for most of us but with a flashlight and some courage you can solve the problem by yourself. Go to the main electrical panel and check for a tripped circuit breaker. If you see one, put it back in place and you should have your light back on. If the circuit breaker is not the problem, then check for a GFCI outlet that may have tripped. These outlets are usually found in the bathroom or in the basement and they can control more than one circuit in the house. Hit the reset button on the outlet and check again to see if you solved the problem.

As you can see appliance repair is not that hard for a normal person. Still if you can’t seem to find the problem, it’s time to call in the professional.