Top 5 scariest Halloween costume for women

Do you dare to wear the scariest costume at the Halloween party? If you are bold enough for this, we can help you with a few frightening ideas!

scariest Halloween costume for women

Beware that this doesn’t mean you’ll be a cute and innocent Disney princess. This actually means that we found the top 5 scariest Halloween costume for women and we are going to help you scare your hosts. Also your costume might be voted the most popular of this Halloween party so prepare yourself for a fun night with many, many surprises.

Our pick for top 5 Halloween costume for women this year is as follows:

  1. The Harlequin Honey costume can be really scary f you do it right. First you need the red and black outfit but we recommend making it a bit sexy. Take a pair of tights and a short skirt with a sexy top. Each clothing element must respect the pattern and the colors. Other accessories you absolutely need: a harlequin wig (that if you don’t have extra puffy red hair), harlequin gloves and shoes (one red and one black), a headband and of course the makeup. Without the makeup you’re just a clown in funny clothes. It would help if you enter the role and behave a bit crazy
  2. Zombie nurse costume – one of the bloodiest and sexiest outfits a woman can think of on a Halloween night. Find a nurse dress, mask and headpiece and paint them with red paint like there is blood all over them. It helps if you add white stockings with blood (red paint) and a chopper (fake). Run after guests with your chopper up screaming “I want brain!”. This should be really fun for you and the guests.
  3. Be a Black Widow Ghost wearing an époque dress, gloves, and a top hat. You’ll have to rip them a little bit and they absolutely must be in tones of black and grey. Add a black laced fan and an extra white skin with big smokey eyes. Also a lace veil over your face would increase the dramatic impression.
  4. You couldn’t be at a Halloween party and not see at least one witch. Witch costumes are one of the most popular Halloween costume for women. A pointy hat, a broom and a black dress with a cape transform you in a very scary witch. It also helps if you wear a crazy wig and makeup.
  5. A vampire woman is also one of the best choices if you’re planning to scare people. You need an all black outfit with long lines and a big cape with a big hood. Makeup must be extremely white and black and you absolutely need the fangs.