Top best Halloween costumes for couples in 2014

Like any big event, the Halloween has its own tops. One of these tops is in reference to the costumes. Every Halloween party has (or should have) a costumes contest where everyone there decides which were the best costumes. Even if this contest is not happening at your party, people like to judge and there will be a contest. Wouldn’t you like to win the contest and be the queen and king of the party?

halloween costumes for couples

If you feel the interest rising in you then you must be very careful with the costumes you are going to wear. First of all, in order to be appreciated by everyone there, you must wear a Halloween costume for couples. You must have a theme and your costumes must match. Of course, now it’s time to debate and decide which costumes and characters you both like.

We gathered a few of the most popular Halloween costumes for couples and we made a list. You may be inspired from our choices.

  • Medieval king and queen – it’s a classic costume and very popular this year because of all the movies that picture life in that period of time. You can choose characters from Game of Thrones movie if you like it.
  • Disney couples are still very popular among Halloween costumes for couples and you can fulfill your dream of being a princess someday. It will actually be for a night, but still you and your prince will be the center of attention.
  • You can dig really deep in the movie archive and choose some Star Wars or Star Trek costumes. They may seem old but people are going to love them. Everyone our age grew up with these movies which means you’ll make them remember a beautiful part of their childhood. Who wouldn’t love you for that?
  • Alice in Wonderland can also be a winner costume. It promotes a little craziness but it’s the Halloween party. You’re entitled to feel good and have a lot of fun.
  • Another very hot couples costume this year is going to be Tauriel and Legolas. If you’re going to a party with many Lord of the Rings fans you hit the jackpot with this costume
  • People also love Shrek and Fiona. It seems like a comfortable costume that will allow you to have a lot of fun.

If you really want your costume to be a hit, you must pay attention to accessories. There is nothing duller than wearing a cool suit without proper accessories.  Can you imagine Tauriel and Legolas without their bows?