Waterman Kultur Phileas fountain pen review

The Waterman pen company is well known worldwide for their high quality writing tools. The Phileas series got its name after the notorious character Phileas Fogg from Jule Verne’s book Around the World in Eighty Days and it promotes a more 1930 look.  The Kultur line is a bit different from the Phileas line as it lacks the brass weight in the barrel and the blind cap at the end of the barrel.

The Waterman Kultur Phileas case is made of rugged ABS raisin which makes it very light and comfortable to write with and the pocket clip and ring around the nib assembly are chromed, not gold plated. Also the nib is plain steel and not gold trim.

Waterman Kultur Phileas fountain pen

Even if the Kultur line is not as fancy as the Phileas line, the Waterman Kultur fountain pen remains one of my favorite. It is easy to handle it and it is amazing on paper. The nib is smooth and it’s very easy to let your thoughts flow on paper while using it. There are no drips or smearing so you can use it in official situations without any problems. Actually the nib has a rounded point which helps your writing to appear smooth and natural on paper.

The price quality report is very good and for an affordable price you get yourself an amazing writing tool created by a renowned manufacturer. It’s pretty rare these days to receive high quality at such an amazing price.

Waterman has invented a specialized feeding system which assures a constant ink flow so you won’t have voids in the ink as you are writing. It is recommended by the manufacturer that you use their ink cartridges for an optimum functionality but the pen behaves extremely well with other types of cartridges too.

The Kultur line offers a variety of colors for their cartridges so you can express your creativity exactly how you like it. Also most users who have tested this pen say that Waterman always offers the most beautiful ink possible when they deliver their pens.

Not only you receive and amazing writing tool which confers you fluidity and nuances, Waterman also offers a 3 year warranty for defective products. All you need is proof of purchase.

If you are looking for that classic elegance people used to have during the last century, the Waterman Kultur Phileas fountain pen is the writing tool for you. It will remember you of better times when respect and common sense were appreciated before anything expensive and ostentatious.

This pen goes amazing for “first timers”. For example if you want to give your children a pen when they begin their fabulous journey through school, the Waterman Kultur Phileas fountain pen is the perfect one. It is easy, well built and light transforming writing into an amazing experience they will never forget. They will keep this pen for years to come and when they will graduate it will be one of the most amazing memories they could ever have had.