What are the top 10 scariest movies for you?

Let’s say that you and your friends have decided to make a marathon of scary movies but you can’t decide on which movies to chose. We have a list for you with top 10 scariest movies that you can’t unsee. Attention! These are truly the scariest movies of our time so if you are weak of heart you should skip the marathon.

Top 10 Scariest Movies

  1. Number one on our top 10 scariest movies list is V/H/S – the plot is about a VHS tape that needs to be stolen from an abandoned, creepy house. The thugs that were hired to steal the tape get in the house but they find more than one tape. In order to find what they’re looking for, they start viewing the tapes. Each tape contains horrible scenes with people being tortured and terrified to death but they have no idea who recorded them. Of course that long silences and monsters don’t miss from this movie.
  2. The Evil Dead – the story starts with 5 friends on a cabin retreat and the Book of Death with a tape that translates it. Of course that they play the tape and a very bad evil thing is unleashed. The hero is forced to kill all his possessed friends in order to escape.
  3. Scream – we all know the series where a dude with a ghost face mask terrifies a bunch of teenagers showing them that no door can protect them from death. The series is a bit exaggerated but the plot is pretty good and you can really get scared.
  4. The Blair Witch Project – three students decide to make a documentary on a local legend: the Blair Witch but they are never to be seen again. All that was found is their footage that shows how they were killed one by one.
  5. The pact – A woman dies and her two daughters take over the house she lived in. All seems normal until weird phenomena start to happen and in the end, one of the sisters discovers her mother’s horrible secret.
  6. Maniac – An adult man, abused by his mother during his childhood is now running the family business. He is actually a serial killer who scalps his victims and uses their hair as mannequin wigs.
  7. The human centipede – another creepy movie that will make you sleep with the lights on. A surgeon decides to make a small experiment and he kidnaps three persons that he stitches mouth to anus in order to create the first human centipede.
  8. A nightmare on Elm Street – another classic of the horror genre. We all remember Freddie Krueger the monster who hunts our dreams and kills us in our sleep. There is no escape for the one he marks.
  9. The Cabin in the Woods – the classic horror movie scenario: a creepy cabin in the woods and a group of kids. Of course that they are going to die but this time is going to be a little more special. Let’s see if you like it.
  10. Mirrors – quite a classic this one. An ex-cop is tormented by specters from another world through mirrors. He and his family are in great danger and only he can fight the horrible things that come from behind the mirror.