What character are you going to choose for Halloween: a witch or a fairy?

Usually on Halloween, people have fun by dressing up and having amazing parties with their friends. What are you going to do this Halloween? It’s not too early to start thinking about who you want to be as there are a lot of choices you can make. You can be scary or fun or sexy or all of the above, you are the one to make the choice.

witch costume for halloween

A Halloween costume for women must respect a few basic lines, regardless of who you choose to be. It must be sexy because and it must include a lot of cool accessories. You can find costumes and accessories in stores and online and they are all very affordable. It’s not like you have to invest a small fortune in your costume, you just need to have fun wearing it.

So what Halloween costume for women are you going to choose? Are you going to be the classic wicked witch or the sexy, radiant fairy?

In 2014 there are a few new characters that dominate the view like Maleficent, the fairy that was evil and then came back to being good or Tauriel, the Elf Warrior who fights for freedom and love. There is also Elsa the ice queen from Frozen or her sister Anna.

Other new and great costumes were created to impersonate characters from the popular series Game of Thrones. Who wouldn’t want to be the Mother of Dragons or the Queen of Thrones?

All the great movies of this year brought us new Halloween characters that can make sensation at the party.

If you’re not so impressed by new figures, there are a few classic ones that may be more to your taste.

  • You could wear a Disney Princess costume like Snow White or Cinderella and Jasmine. They all look amazing and the accessories are just like from a magical world. If you’re more the warrior type of a princess you could always try a Fiona costume.
  • You can try a Stormtrooper costume or a TARDIS one if you are more into classic movies.
  • Another hit on the Halloween costume for women list is the superhero costume. You can be Supergirl, Batgirl, or Wonder Woman. They are all great costumes and you will feel powerful and sexy.

Regardless of your option and preferences there are a few really amazing Halloween costume for women out there and our recommendation is to get adventurous and choose one that makes you feel good and ready for fun. Actually that’s all Halloween is about these days: celebrating life and having fun.