What Halloween costume for couples represents your couple?

You may think it’s silly but the way you dress for Halloween says a lot about you as a person. Also the Halloween costume for couples you choose to wear as a couple says a lot about your relationship. A very wise person once said “Give the man a mask and you’ll see who he is for real”. The masks, costumes and accessories we like to wear for Halloween describe us as a couple and as people who are in a relationship.

halloween costumes for couples

Anyways, it’s no time for philosophy now. It’s time to get ready for Halloween and we wanted to tell you what each Halloween costume for couples can say to people around you about you two.

  • Disney couples like Belle and the Beast or Cinderella and her Prince, Snow White and her prince, usually transmit a strong bond, but fresh. They say you are a new couple, very much in love that (according to the story) will live happy forever.
  • Costumes related to authority like police man – police woman or police woman – thief say that you are both strong personalities but you get along just fine. You both like to be in charge but you know to give each other the space you need
  • Big family costumes like the Flintstones or Snow White and the Seven Dwarves promote a happy atmosphere and a lot of joy. They say you love being part of a big family.
  • Elegant, classy costumes like Venetian Couples or Renaissance Couples show that you are both elegant personalities who know to enjoy quality and good time.
  • Two Halloween costumes for couples that are very dear to me: Al and Peg Bundy and the Adams Family. These two show a very strong and powerful connection between two people. Like the characters they impersonate, the couple will have a long life together
  • Warrior couples with characters from games. Here is a done deal: two persons who are that much into gaming are destined to be together forever. Impulsive personalities but they work very well together
  • Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hater – a crazy couple who hates getting bored or being bored. Sparkling personalities that will never have enough of each other

   We hope that this description of the Halloween costumes for couples will help you choose easier the right costumes for both of you. It would be a shame to go to the party and not try a costume for couples. Just think for a bit and decide which type of couple you are. After that, the job is very easy.