What’s your favorite Halloween costume for 2014?

Now that Halloween is nearby have you decided what costume are you going to wear this year? As a woman you must give the trend for your entire family so you should give a quick look for the greatest and coolest Halloween costumes for women. After all you want you and your family to be the attraction of the party, right?

your favorite Halloween costume

We gathered a few ideas that might help you decide what to wear in the night when all witches and dead people weak up. Take a look at our pick for the greatest Halloween costumes for women and let us know which one is your favorite. First of all you have to think of the theme: do you want to be sexy or scary? Of course no one says you can’t combine the two.

  1. Be a sexy cop lady – we know that it’s an old idea for a Halloween costume but it still gives you a little bit of chill when someone enters a room dressed like that. Try a miniskirt with a police woman shirt and of course the police glasses and hat. Add a few accessories like handcuffs and a baton and you’re good to go.
  2. If you’re reminiscent for old times, you could be a dancing queen disco. With a bandana in your afro hair, a bell-sleeve top and flared pants in all sorts of color you can be the soul of the party. Don’t forget to bring in the music, so it’s all authentic.
  3. TV movie Halloween costumes for women are highly popular this year. Pick your favorite star and try to copy it. You liked Maleficent? You could be scary and extremely beautiful at the same time. The horned hat will be the main party attraction and people will appreciate you ingenuity. Embrace your inner evil and try a Maleficent costume!
  4. If you’re more like a child inside than an evil fairy than maybe a Jasmine costume will fit you the best. Sexy and innocent in strong colors of blue, your Jasmine costume will definitely be appreciated by everyone. Don’t forget to bring Aladdin with you.
  5. Another great Halloween costume for women is a Disney princess like Snow White. You could either wear the long dress or the short dress but don’t forget about the prince.
  6. If you really want to take all the attention at the party you can be the Queen of Thrones. Hot and sexy, wearing an amazing Halloween costume you will certainly impress your audience.

Regardless of what theme you choose there are thousands of ideas for good Halloween costumes for women. If you are good with clothes then you can make it yourself, otherwise you can go to a store and have your choose.