Which is the Best Vertical Jump Measurement Equipment?

A vertical jump is the action you often see in sports like basketball, volleyball, netball and many others. In order for a vertical jump to be considered for measurement the athletes are not allowed to use any other mean of raising their center of gravity on the vertical than their own muscles.

Best Vertical Jump Measurement Equipment

The vertical jump is divided in two different types: vertical jump from a standing position and vertical jump while running. As you can guess from the name, the first type implies the athlete standing still before jumping and on the second type the athlete uses the energy from running in order to jump higher.

Why is this vertical jump so important? After all any healthy person can perform any of the two types of vertical jump. In the sports world, vertical jump measurements are used to assess muscular strength and anaerobic power in athletes.

Over the years, there appeared many vertical jump measuring equipments on the market but no one can actually say which one is the best vertical jump measurement equipment. We’re going to talk about a few equipments used to measure vertical jumps that are the most used by profile colleges and professional teams.

The first one is the plain old and boring wall. It’s simple and efficient. All you have to do is jump near a wall with a piece of chalk in your hand and mark the highest point you can reach on that wall. Of course that in time this technique was improved and now there are certain devices that can be mounted on the wall in order to measure the jump even more accurate.

The Vertec is a steel frame with horizontal vanes which can be rotated out of the way to indicate the height reached. The Vertec is not just on the list with the best vertical jump measurement equipment it’s also one of the most common equipment used.

Next on the list is the vertical jumping mat where the athlete wears a belt with a measuring tape that is grounded to a mat. As you can all imagine, the measuring tape gets the height of the jump.  As the technology evolved the vertical jump measurement equipments did too. Now we have a mat with sensors which can predict the height of the jump based on how long the athlete’s feet were off the mat. For an even more accurate result, there is a video system calibrated to measure the jump perfectly but this one is used mostly for research purposes.

There is also an entire platform (hardware and software) available to measure jumping events. The platform is called ChronoJump and is distributed under the GPL license. Here you can register and compare results in real time. This platform is mostly used for scientific purposes.

To compare, there are a few vertical jump measuring equipments out there that are extremely accurate but they were mostly built for scientific and research purposes. For sports even the good old wall can be a best friend.