Why do I need different tanks for molasses and water?

Water and molasses are two different liquids with different properties and storing requests. Even though if water is used to create the molasses mix they will not to be stored in the same types of recipients.

Water can be stored in a poly tank without causing any problems because it doesn’t put so much pressure on the thank walls. There is a variety of poly tanks that you can choose from and you should look until you find the one / ones that fits your needs. For example, if your storage space is more narrow than wide you should focus on finding a vertical poly tank.

Molasses on the other hand is more pretentious when it comes to storage. It is thick and it puts an enormous amount of pressure on the walls of the recipient it is kept in. That’s why you need molasses tanks for storing molasses. They have thicker walls and they are specially built in order to keep the liquid in. Molasses is very capricious; if it finds a week point in the tank it will surely exploit it and you will end up with losses.  That’s why you have to do a special search for molasses tanks and find a good manufacturer that you can trust with your production.

A good entrepreneur always does his research before going into business and the production and storage of molasses industry needs you to do your homework before buying any recipients. Go on the market and research several offers before settling with a manufacturer.