You know what your kids will do during holiday?

Holiday is the most expected period during a school year. Children start school thinking of how many weeks there are until the next holiday and they get more and more excited about what they’ll do during holiday with each day.

Little girl is blowing a soap bubbles

Still as parents, you have to think about educational activities for your children if you don’t want them to end up bored or locked up in their room using social networks all day long. Holiday is an amazing opportunity to bond with your children and to do fun activities with the entire family.  I know a mom who used to say that the trick to a happy holiday is to keep kids occupied enough so they won’t have time to fight or get bored.

Let’s discuss fun school holiday activities for kids

Holidays activities should be categorized as follows:

  • Activities you can do indoor
  • Outside activities
  • Activities for when it’s cold outside or raining
  • Activities for the evening (or night)

Activities you can do indoor

As a busy mom you won’t always be available to go outside and play with your children and especially if they are at an age when they need constant supervision you should find some fun activities to do inside. You can teach them how to bake cookies or dance. You can pretend you went camping in the living room and make a tent out of blankets or you can make an inside fluffy obstacle race with cushions and pillows. Also you can let them invite some friends over.

Outside activities

The outside activities are an adventure for the entire family. You could take them camping for real or hiking. You could go on a bike ride or even better horseback ride. If none of those seem acceptable to you, you can do a nice picnic outside, teach them how to help you in the garden or organize a treasure hunt.

Activities for when it’s cold outside or raining

You can recommend them a good book or you can have a movie night where the children chose the movie. You can go visit or simply try and take pictures of the rain drops on your window. You can get creative and paint or play some inside games like Monopoly.

 Activities for the evening (or night)

You can look at the stars and search for constellations or you can go for a walk on the beach at sunset, eat a delicious dinner in a nice restaurant with the entire family, talk about dreams and aspiration and many others.